AMPA Seed Grant

The Air Medical Physician Association (AMPA) recognizes the need for continued innovation and research in the air medical, critical care transport, and EMS communities. In response, AMPA has created and allocated funding for the Air Medical Physician Seed Grant Research Program. This grant provides up to $2,500 toward a research project created by a trainee (fellow, resident, or medical student) who will work under the mentorship of an AMPA member. AMPA members intend for this grant to support and encourage the research efforts of early career physicians in the prehospital setting.


An increasing number of young physicians are experiencing difficulty finding the resources and support to do research. Consequently, fewer physicians are choosing careers in research which is a terrible loss to medicine.  Subsequently, there are fewer individuals providing meaningful scientific contributions specific to the air medical / critical care transport communities. 

To address this trend, AMPA has established the Air Medical Physician Seed Grant Research Program in 2011 to encourage medical students, resident physicians, and fellows to enter the research field. The program provides a $2,500 (US dollars) grant to help the successful applicant conduct a basic science, applied, or clinical research project. These funds will round out new project budgets, rather than sustain current initiatives.  These funds will favor research in air medical, prehospital, or critical care transport.

Grant application and information:
The 2021 grant application cycle closed on April 9, 2021. A one-year grant of up to $2,500 (US dollars) will be awarded.  The grant period and project duration is up to one year from the date of the grant check.

Eligibility and funding restrictions:
  • Seed grant funds cannot be used for salary or stipend, indirect/administrative costs, to hire a consultant or contractor, or solely for travel expenses.
  • Seed grants will not be awarded to any applicant who has previously received an AMPA seed grant.
  • Applicants must be a medical student, resident physician, or fellow.  
  • Projects should be applicant-conceived, rather than ongoing research of their mentor or Principal Investigator. 
  • The mentor must be AMPA member in good standing at the time of application submission.
  • Upon completion of their projects, all grant recipients must submit a Final Report Form. 

Thank you for helping us advance our profession by encouraging your trainees to apply for this grant.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions