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Air Medical Journal Air Medical Journal is the official journal of the five leading critical care medical transport associations: Air Medical Physician Association, Association of Air Medical Services, Air & Transport Nurses Association, International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics, and National EMS Pilots Association. AMJ is the premier provider of information for the critical care medical transport industry, addressing the unique concerns of physicians, nurses, pilots, mechanics, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists, communication specialists, and program administrators. The journal contains peer-reviewed practical and clinical articles, case studies, and original research covering all aspects of the critical care transport profession. The journal seeks papers on these and other topics:  Safety in air medical and critical care ground transport: adult, pediatric, and neonatal  Crew resource management  Clinical case studies: unique, challenging cases from which others can learn  Original research on clinical issues, safety topics, or equipment  Ethical business practices and marketing  Government relations  Use of simulation in training for clinical, flight, and ground operations  Orientation and continuing education best practices  Quality improvement in critical care transport  Systematic reviews and meta-analysis related to critical care transport  Letters to the editor  Program profiles

For assistance in developing an idea or writing a manuscript, contact a CoEditor at [email protected]. Author guidelines are available at ntent/authorinfo; use the link under Submission to submit an article.