Position Papers

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Status Approval Date Updated date
Air Ambulance Medical Transport Advertising and Marketing Under Revision 2008-10-01 2012-08-16
Appropriate and Safe Utilization of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Final 2012-12-01 2013-01-26
Appropriateness of Air Medical Transport in Acute Coronary Syndromes Final 2012-07-23 2013-07-01
Appropriateness of Medical Transport & Access to Care in Acute Stroke Syndromes Under Revision 2004-10-23 2012-08-16
Determination of Closest Appropriate Destination Facility for Air and Critical Care Medical Transportation Under Revision 2006-04-01 2012-08-16
Medical Direction & Medical Control of Air Medical Services Under Revision 2002-04-13 2012-08-16
Patient Follow-up Letters and HIPAA Final 2012-10-16 2013-08-19
Safe Handoff of care Final 2012-08-15